Learning keys with ease, having fun with music, expressing my feelings...
         Music makes me happy, Music is fascinating!
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WELCOME to the NEW MEMBERS of the Young Musicians Club (YMC)
  Lukas, 1st grade,  Hillside Avenue Schoo
  Tim O.,
  Laura S.
  Shannon B.
  Cassidy K.
  Mya Y.
 Kelsey K.
 Lauren C.


Kate (October 2006) . 8th grade. St. Michael's School.  
She auditioned for the NJ Youth Symphony and will be rehearsing with them this Fall.
We are proud of you, Kate. Keep the music playing

Megan (Feb 2008) . 5th grade. Hillside Avenue School.

Sofia (Feb 2010), 1st grade. Brookside Avenue School.

Ricard (Feb 2010). 3rd grade. Livingston Avenue School.

Marcela (Nov 2008). 6th grade. St. Michael's School.

Tim M. (March 2009). 6th grade. Hillside Avenue School

Shannon R. (Nov 2009). 3rd grade. Hillside Avenue School.

Noah (December 2009). 2nd grade. Brookside Avenue School.

Max (March 2010). 5th grade. Orange Avenue School.

Jennifer (May 2008). 4th grade. Hillside Avenue School.

Shauna (June 2010). 1st grade. Hillside Avenue School.

Nicky.  (June 2008). 6th grade. Hillside Avenue School.

To all the parents and students, thank you for all your support.