“I think of myself as a musician first, pianist second. Piano is merely an agent of creating music. However music itself is another thing entirely.

First of all music is the universal language of the world; the thing that connects us all. That universal language speaks to us through musical color and the emotion. Those colors and emotions vary… tense, resolved, concrete, abstract, simple, sophisticated, bright, dark, mellow, happy, sad, chaotic, etc. These characteristics are accomplished through different means… harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic. At KIDZZ Music Studio we aim to teach a student to understand and hear these characteristics while improving their playing ability in a friendly, fun environment.

Music is also a means for mental growth. This is a truth that has taken me 10 years to just start to grasp. Music is an art that can be applied to your own life in a deeper, philosophical way. Music is not just about performing or making money, it is a constant, infinite learning process. For me, it teaches and inspires discipline, patience, deep thought, and much more. As a student progresses and furthers their understanding of music, they will apply it to their own life. This is the essence of music. It is an essence that can’t be explained or taught to you, but must be discovered by yourself. I hope to guide my students to this essence as best I can because what I have gained from music is too great to be kept to myself. “

To the members of the young musicians club of KIDZZ Music Studio, we hope you're ready to have fun!

(The studio's Curriculum is posted online)